Location-based Advertising

Deliver location based notifications to your customers. For example, have an offer on Jeans? When your customers walk past the relevant rail, this will trigger proximity marketing, sending a notification to their phone to alert them of the offer! You can also notify customers of product recommendations, share videos, sizing guides, discount codes (or barcodes scan-able at POS) and any other information you wish. These notifications are all triggered when the customer entered a pre-defined LPS range, which can be narrowed to a rail, specific department or entire store.

In a shopping centre or large-scale department store, it is possible for different LPS ranges to be set for each store or specific department within the store, allowing you to not only send further targeted notifications, but also gain additional information on footfall in specific areas with minimal effort.


Footfall Analysis & Operational Intelligence

Gain some real insight into customer behavior based on average and group movement between beacons. Trends can then be calculated from metrics such as most popular locations (including duration of visits to specific locations), average routes around a store and heat maps based on customer transition from location to location.


Targeted Marketing

Make marketing personal. Display only ads and notifications that are specific to each customer based on their shopping habits. You can also send notifications of recommended items based on the specific rail that the customer is currently browsing, taking personal shopping to the next level!

Indoor Mapping & LPS

If you have a large store or shopping centre, give your customers the ultimate shopping experience – live mapping! Direct customers to specific departments, stores or rails based on their previous shopping habits, allow them to plan their own route and even pre-define a shopping list, which will then direct them straight to the specific items they want to purchase. Pair this with Targeted Marketing and you can up-sell and cross-sell to customers in real time while they browse in-store!