Offer notifications & Advertising

Give your students something they love – offers and discounts! Students can be notified of locations nearby that have current offers running, enhancing footfall to specific locations. Notifications can also be used to promote events, such as specific nights in on-campus bars or particular seminars, sending an alert when students pass within range of the venue where the event will be held.

Mapping and Timetable guidance

No matter how long you are a student for, you never quite get the hang of navigating the campus! Using our advanced mapping system, new and old students can find their way quickly and easily around campus. This can be personalised to a student’s lecture timetable, alerting them when they need to leave for their next lecture and showing them exactly how to get there. No more excuses for being late!

Student Movement Analysis

Analyse trends in student movement anonymously. You can gain detailed insight into where students
are going from and to on a regular basis, as well
as determining the most popular gathering areas
and routes around campus… all from a simple dashboard interface.