Exhibit Information Notifications

Give your visitors a more immersive browsing experience. When entering a pre-defined proximity of a particular exhibit, visitors can be notified that there’s more information available pertaining to it. You can then display location aware content including images, text, videos or audio content as well as related exhibits and gift store items.

Visitor Analysis and Insight

Gain more insight into the behaviour and interests of your visitors by analysing footfall, determining which exhibits & exhibitions are attracting the most visits. You can also determine the average length of time a visitor spends at each exhibit, and even find trends in the movement and routes of visitors around the varying exhibits and exhibitions.

Indoor Mapping, LPS & Personal Guided Tours

With our advanced indoor navigation system, your visitors can locate a point of interest using a familiar and easy to use interface, which then guides them right to it. Indoor mapping also enables customers to choose between pre-defined guided tours or create their own custom guided tour based upon their own chosen points of interest. When coupled with Exhibit Information Notifications, this makes for the ultimate in personal, immersive visitor experiences.